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Our one of a kind Bridal Bouquets are all handmade with your choice of live or silk flowers with baby's breath and greenery. No two Bouquets are ever a like, we custom make them to your specific requests.

Not only do we make bouquets for the Bride we also make Bridesmaid Bouquets, Throw Away Bouquet, Boutonnieres, Corsages, Pew Flowers, Centerpieces, and any other flower need you may have.

~~~Floral Prices~~~

  • Bridal Bouquet:

$85.00 and up

  • Bridesmaid Bouquet:

$45.00 and up

  • Throw Away Bouquet: 

$45.00 and up

  • Boutonniere:       

$9.00 and up

  • Corsages: Pin on:

$16.00 and up

  • Wrist:  

$21.00 and up

  • Pew Flowers:

$20.00 and up

  • Alter Flowers:  

$125.00 and up

  • Centerpieces:         

$20.00 and up

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